Things I Like

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GNU Emacs

  1. modal editing - Evil, god-mode, Boon
  2. structural editing - Paredit, Smartparens, Lispy

Contributing to OpenStreetMap

  1. on the ground, using Vespucci
  2. …and especially public transport


  1. Diataxis Framework - My favorite write-up about documentation.

    […] what we call documentation is fundamentally not one thing, but four. Understanding the implications of this, and how those four different things work, can help improve most documentation.

  2. Teach, Don't Tell - Steve Losh - For those who claim that source code, tests, or literate programming are sufficient documentation.
  3. Keep a Changelog
  4. Literate Programming in the Large - Tim Daly - I'm no longer a fan of literate programming, but this talk remains humorous, insightful, and inspirational for documentation in general.


Musical theatre




  1. vehicular cycling
  2. - a website of bicycle touring journals from all kinds of authors, touring across all kinds of distances and places